Sportsmen and women want professional medical care. Quite rightly so. This is why we have developed the PERSKINDOL Sportmed bag. There is room in it for everything that is needed during training and matches. It is modern, hardwearing, easy to carry on the shoulder, as rigid as a case, but still flexible and can be crushed like a bag.

Please find our proposal below for the possible contents for sports clubs. Get a advice on further options from a specialist.


PERSKINDOL products*

Classic Gel 100ml*

Classic Fluid 250ml*

Cool Spray 250ml*

Cool Patch-N*

Cool Gel Arnica 100ml*

Cool Gel Comfrey 100ml*

Dolo Gel 85ml*

Warm-Up Crackling Spray

Massage Oil 250ml

1 x Magnesium Vital Sport

1 x Sterillium Gel 50ml

1 x DermaPlast Active Sporttape

1 x DermaPlast Hydro blister plaster

1 x DermaPlast CoolFix

1 x DermaPlast first aid pouch with plasters

* These are medicines.
Get advice from a professional and read the package insert.


Always having the right things with you...


The contents are flexible and can be tailored to your requirements. Talk to your pharmacist, who is your qualified contact person for questions on sports medicine, for advice and the sales of the PERSKINDOL line and the PERSKINDOL Sportmed case.